Durand City/Rural Fire Department

100% volunteer service to serve those that we within our response area.

The Durand City Fire Department and Durand Rural Fire Department are separate fire departments, but staffed by the same great group of volunteers. Volunteer based means their is nobody at the station in the event of a fire, but instead are called from what they may be doing to come and go on the call. The Durand City/Rural Fire Department currently serves the City of Durand and multiple surrounding townships: Lima, Durand, Canton, Maxville, Peru, Eau Galle, Albany, Frankfort, Waterville and Waubeek. The fire department currently has 3 engines in service, 3 tenders, 1 brush truck, 1 ATV, and a rescue boat equipped with sonar.

If you want to apply for becoming a firefighter for the Durand City/Rural Fire Department, please talk to any of the members and they will either get you in touch with the appropriate people, or obtain an application. Positions may not always be available, but put in your application and it will be kept on file for the next time they are looking for qualifying candidates.

We welcome any and all questions that people may have for us to answer. We will be only accessible by the main email address [email protected] currently, but are looking at adding a forum, or blog area for people to post their questions for others to see as well.

If you would like to see something on the site, please let us know and we will evaluate each of the suggestions internally.